Mi Pulse Powers Smart Athletic Wear

Mi Pulse Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) Technology was designed with four goals in mind:

  1. Provide the most accurate chest-based heart rate data possible
  2. Work universally with any fitness monitoring application or device
  3. Attach interchangeably to smart activewear, such as sports bras or tank tops. 
  4. Require minimal power to assure long battery life. 

Our expert engineering team spent years perfecting our heart rate monitoring technology to deliver the best in usability and accuracy, all in a super small and power efficient package.


Nearly every athlete owns a smart watch that can monitor their heart rate from their wrist using optical sensors. But, for those serious about their training, it simply isn’t reliable or accurate enough. Have you ever been to a hospital in which your heart rate is monitored your wrist? Of course not!  

Any cardiologist will tell you that only heart rate measured off the chest is accurate enough for the healthcare industry and thus why doctors only us ECG/EKG equipment to ensure timely and accurate heart rate data. 

With Mi Pulse technology, the user gets the superior accuracy and reliability of ECG/EKG heart rate data within seconds of attaching a Mi-Pulse HRM to a compatible smart garment. 


Mi-Pulse Tri-Mode Wireless Technology

Tri-Mode Heart Rate Monitor

Mi Pulse HRM technology is designed to work with everything! Our patented design works seamlessly across ALL devices that utilize ANT+ (Garmin, Suunto, Mio, Timex and dozens of other brands), Bluetooth Smart (Android & iOS Phones) or 5.3 kHz (gym equipment) wireless technologies. 

5.3 kHz Bluetooth Smart Ant+

  • 5.3kHz - Home & commercial gym equipment
  • Ant+ - Fitness trackers, cycling computers, & watches
  • Bluetooth 4.0 - iOS, Android, & other mobile devices

Mi Pulse technology works effortlessly with everything people use to monitor their workouts.You can even connect to all of them at the same time for maximum heart rate visibility across multiple devices.


a Mi Pulse HEart Rate Monitor attached to a compatible sports bra

Mi Pulse technology is intended to be attached and removed to compatible smart activewear, such as a smart bra, tank top, or strap.. Snap on a Mi Pulse enabled Heart Rate Monitor when it’s time to work out, then snap it off when it’s time for laundry. 

Smart activewear can be manufactured with embedded conductive textile pads or silkscreened conductive ink

Low Power Consumption

Mi Pulse HRM technology is designed to us a minimal amount of battery power to support long periods of use between battery changes. A single CR2032 button-cell battery can power a Mi-Pulse powered HRM for up to 9 months!

License Mi Pulse Technology

Mi Pulse Heart Rate Monitoring Technology is available for licensing to companies producing heart rate monitoring products or apparel. 

Contact Us for Licensing Information