Integrating Mi Pulse Technology into Smart Active Wear

Mi Pulse Technology is designed to be integrated with smart activewear, such as sports bras, form-fitting tanks/tees, or chest straps. 

A Mi Pulse HRM attached to a Mi Pulse Sports Bra featuring conductive textile pads.

Smart activewear is manufactured with embedded conductive textile pads or silkscreened conductive ink. A Mi Pulse HRM device connects to these conductive areas using a metalic connector, such as stainless steel snaps, ensuring a reliable link for accurate heart rate data collection.

A Mi Pulse HRM & Sports Bra showing the snap connection

Examples of products featuring integrated Mi Pulse heart rate monitoring technology include:

Mi Pulse HRM

a Mi Pulse Heart Rate Monitor Device

Mi Pulse Sports Bras

A Mi Pulse Sports Bra

Mi Pulse Sports Bras by Lole

A Mi Pulse Sports Bra by Lole

License Mi Pulse Technology

Mi Pulse Heart Rate Monitoring Technology is available for licensing to companies producing heart rate monitoring products or athletic apparel. 

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