The Mi Pulse Smart Bra began with an idea dreamed up by serious active women for serious active women.  The idea was simple: women athletes, fitness fanatics, and fitness gurus put on a sports bra everyday, so why not make it better and more useful?

For decades, serious athletes have been using chest heart rate monitors to maximize the results of their training program. Although these traditional chest heart rate monitor straps are accurate,  they are also terribly uncomfortable and inconvenient.

So, we combined advanced chest heart monitoring technology into a top-tier sports bra.

The result is the Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra

Bold Style & High-Performance Support

Tech features aside, a great sports bra not only needs to support a woman’s performance demands, it also ought to be sexy and snug. Mi Pulse assembled a team of worldwide experts to develop the best sports bra ever made; our bras are beautifully designed, athletically supportive, technically advanced, and simple to use.

When you wear a Mi Pulse Smart Sports bra, you will feel confident that you not only look great, but that you are also effortlessly obtaining the performance data you need to make the most of your training.

Works with Everything

We designed the Mi Pulse Smart Bra to be compatible with everything. Whether you are running on the treadmill at your gym, jogging along the neighborhood trails, cycling in a triathlon, or speed walking with a mobile app, your Mi Pulse Smart Bra will effortlessly collect your data and count your calories.

Our exclusive Heart Rate Monitor module is simultaneously compatible with all three major heart rate telemetry standards: Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT+, and 5.3 kHz. This means that Mi Pulse Smarts Bra will work with the fitness watch, exercise bike, smartphone, or bike computer you already own!

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Functional Comfort and Convenience

Thanks to Mi Pulse, athletic women no longer have to wear an annoying heart rate monitor strap and their sports bra. This means no more chaffing, no more tugging and pulling, no more having to remember to put another thing on before you are even dressed. Just put on your Mi Pulse bra and go!

When you are done sweating and it's time to do laundry, simply remove the HRM module and wash the Mi Pulse bra like you would a normal sports bra. 

Yep, it works with all your fitness devices. Finally!  A sports bra that offers comfort, stability, and technology. When you wear a Mi Pulse Sports Bra, you will be able to focus on your exercise like never before.