If you're serious about measuring your fitness, you already know chest strap heart rate monitors offer the most accurate heart rate data, but are annoying to use. You also know that wrist based heart rate monitors like Fitbit are just not accurate enough. Mi Pulse solves both of these problems by integrating the best in ECG-level heart rate monitoring into the comfort and fit of a sports bra.

Mi Pulse HRM on Matrix Smart Sports Bra

Created by women athletes for women athletes, the Mi Pulse Smart Bra provides the accuracy of a heart rate strap by integrating the sensors directly into the sports bra itself.  It uses the most advanced conductive smart fabrics available to provide solid accuracy and a long life. It’s even machine washable!

Mi Pulse is a leader in providing the world’s first “Smart Bra” which integrates the best in sports bra features that include a fully integrated, tri-mode heart rate monitor that supports all the various wireless standards including ANT+, Bluetooth Smart and 5.3 kHz analog used in all residential and commercial exercise equipment today.

Unlike a conventional heart rate strap, our bras feature no hard plastic components to make your workout uncomfortable or demand distracting mid-workout adjustment.

Mi Pulse Smart Sports bras were developed with the assistance of leading worldwide experts to make our smart sports bras stylish, supportive, and the most technologically advanced sports bras ever.

No more chafing.
No more distractions.
Just you and your workout!