You're the type of woman who is serious about tracking your workouts. You know that those wrist heart rate sensors everyone seems to have these days are only so accurate; definitely not sufficient for your needs; you require accuracy only a chest sensor can deliver. uncomfortable and annoying those chest strap heart rate sensors are! The plastic is always chaffing your skin, and no matter how tight you make the strap, it always seem to creep out of place, forcing you to drop focus and adjust it's position.

Shouldn't there be a better way?

Mi Pulse thought so. So, we designed and developed a sports bra with integrated heart rate monitoring technology. And we made it awesome

The Mi Pulse "Powered by You" Sports Bra features high-tech smart fabric which accurately measures your heart rate without any hard plastic touching your skin. That's right, no more chaffing! And to make sure it works with everything-your fitness watch, iPhone/Android mobile, cycle computer, & any telemetry enabled gym equipment- we designed a compact, tri-mode heart rate monitor module. It simultaneously transmits 5.3kHz, ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) so your Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra will effortlessly work with virtually every heart rate monitoring devices ever made. 

Our smart bras are not only high-tech, they are also comfortable, stylish, and offer the support serious female athletes demand. Designed in Denver, Colorado utilizing the highest-quality, machine-washable fabrics, the Powered by You Sports Bra will change the way you measure your fitness success!