Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bras are ideal for accurately monitoring your heart rate while engaged in a variety of athletic activities, including:



The Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra was originally engineered for running and jogging. Our goal was to create a sports bra that integrated the accuracy of intolerable chest heart straps with a comfortable sports bra that fits and looks great. Our tri-mode heart rate monitor module ensures your Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra will work with nearly any fitness tracking watch or Bluetooth mobile device. 



Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatibility ensures Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bras will work with all modern bike computers (cyclocomputers), fitness watches, or even your mobile. Ride with style, comfort, and accuracy with Mi Pulse. 



Mi Pulse's HRM works with all aerobic gym equipment utilizing 5.3kHz analog telemetry signal. Almost all exercise machinery built in the last few decades with a wireless heart rate monitoring feature uses this standard, so your Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra will work with virtually any commercial or home exercise equipment.

Pumping iron? Mi-Pulse Smart Sports Bra works with your own ANT+, Bluetooth SMART or 5.3kHz personal fitness monitoring device?

Treadmill ladies

Group Fitness/Spinning

The Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra works great in group fitness applications. Compatible with most commercial "leaderboard" group fitness tracking systems, the Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra will quickly become a key component in your gym bag. 

Water Activities Aren't Appropriate for Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra

The Mi Pulse Smart Sports Bra should not be used for water activities. Although our Heart Rate Monitor is resistant to sweat and environmental moisture, it is not designed to be immersed in water and doing so will not only void it's warranty, the water will also compromise the HRM's ability to accurately measure your heart rate.